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Cruziero's professional skills lie mainly in the following areas:

Servers -
email (sendmail, dovecot, opensmtpd, postfix), dns (bind, unbound), web (apache, openbsd httpd/relayd), network-accessible data storage, calendar/contacts.
Security -
cryptography (pkc/certificates/..), intrusion detection (e.g. tripwire), firewall (e.g. iptables), scanning (e.g. nmap), log-file analysis & response, forensics, anti-virus/spam/malware.
Computer Programming -
standalone, network and web-based applications running mainly on UNIX/Linux/BSD; accessible (for network/web) by any device (windows/mac/android/linux/bsd/...). Mostly we use the various UNIX/Linux/BSD shells & utilities, C, and, to a lesser extent, Python, Perl, and JavaScript.
Databases -
design, creation, population with data, querying, reports, .. . We use PostgreSQL/MariaDB/MySQL, bdb/lmdb/sqlite, *nix-shell-utils/C, and (for web-based applications) Python/Perl/PHP, for most solutions.
Automation -
each component of information should be sourced/written/specified once only and in only one place: and automated systems/programs then dice'n'slice/combine/transform/convert (a working-copy of) that data automatically into the wanted output formats; there should be no manual re-typing/re-formatting/re-obtaining/copy'n'paste/etc.
Operating Systems -
client & server: Linux (Slackware, Debian, Amazon; & similar), BSD (OpenBSD, FreeBSD), Plan 9; bare-metal & virtual (kvm/qemu/xen). Client-device connections-to-network/server: windows, mac, android.
IT Support & Management -
website (public[internet] & private[intranet]), email, domain, data, firewall, security, .. .

Cruziero have successful working relations and contacts with several fellow companies. If your proposed project is something that we don't normally handle then we are happy to refer you freely onto our contacts, or otherwise to help as much as we can.



Highlands / Moray,
t: +44 (0)1667 451 333