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Cruziero's professional skills lie mainly in the following areas:

Computer Programming -
standalone, network and web-based applications mainly for UNIX/Linux and Windows. Mostly we use Perl, C, Python, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP and, to a slightly lesser extent, Java and the various UNIX shells and utilities.

Databases -
design, creation, population with data, querying, reports, .. . We use MySQL-Perl/PHP for most solutions, ODBC-ASP for some others, and SQL Server for others.

Graphics & Design -
both Computer and Traditional-Media: original design, layout, stills, flash, animation, CDs, letterhead, business card, stationery, CD covers/inserts/labels, dealings with printers, .. .

IT Support & Management -
website (public[internet] & private[intranet]), email, domain registration, anti-virus, firewall, security, isp recommendation & setup, hardware & software purchase, computer & network installation & management, .. .

Audio / Video -
AV cleaning, processing, effects, formatting for web, original tracks, .. .

Cruziero have successful working relations and contacts with several fellow companies. If your proposed project is something that we don't normally handle then we are happy to refer you freely onto our contacts, or otherwise to help as much as we can.



Cruziero Jeito
2 Burnetts Place,
IV12 4QX.
t: +44 (0)1667 451 333